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Latest news

  • September 2019: Very excited to be the recipient of an ERC Starting Grant on the psychology of science skepticism. I’m looking to hire a PhD student, postdoc, and parttime RA. Send me an e-mail for more information!
  • August 2019: Sander van der Linden, Romy van der Lee, and myself will edit a special issue of GPIR on anti-science beliefs and endorsement of alternative facts, taking a group processes approach to these phenomena. Expected submission deadline May 2020. Send me an e-mail for more information!
  • July 2019: Excited to be part of a Research Priority Area Human(e) AI grant on the social and moral psychology of human interactions with algorithmic agents.
  • February 2019: New chapter on the psychological functions of science and religion in press.
  • January 2019: With colleagues in the UK and the Netherlands I ran a large-scale comparative research project on science skepticism in 25 countries. Hope to publish the results soon!
  • January 2019:New publication on attitudes to GM foods available
  • December 2018: Interview in Spui Magazine (Dutch)
  • October 2018: Interview (in Dutch) in Volkskrant
  • September 2018: Belief systems and the perception of reality now published

Research-related media

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Perceived morality of scientists paper (2016)

Religion and the existential function of belief in social-moral progress paper (2016)

Affirming scientific progress paper (2014)

Stage Theory paper (2013)

Deus or Darwin paper (2010)

Yes we can paper (2010)

Things will get better paper (2009)


Psychology of superstition media