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  • February 2019: New chapter on the psychological functions of science and religion in press.
  • January 2019: With colleagues from the UK and the Netherlands I ran a large-scale comparative research project on science skepticism in 25 countries.
  • January 2019:New publication on attitudes to GM foods available as preprint
  • December 2018: Interview in Spui Magazine (Dutch)
  • October 2018: Interview (in Dutch) in Volkskrant
  • September 2018: Belief systems and the perception of reality now published

This book focuses on the social psychology of belief systems and how they influence perceptions of reality. These belief systems, from politics to religion to science, shape one’s thoughts and views, but also can be the cause of conflict and disagreement over values, particularly when they are enacted in political policies. More information can be found here

  • May 2018: I wrote an essay on science distrust which was published at Aeon


Research-related media

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Psychology of superstition media