Research interests

Currently I am at the University of Amsterdam, where I work on different research projects that focus largely on the psychology of belief systems and worldviews, either religious or secular. Broadly, I am interested in the psychological functions of such belief systems and I focus in particular on belief in science. My current research interests can be summarized into three interrelated research themes and questions:

  1. How do people cope with threats to perceptions of order and predictability, control, and meaning? I am interested in how science and religion aid people’s search for order, control, and meaning in the world.
  2. Do optimal levels of order and control exist? For example, what are the psychological consequences of experiencing too much order, and does such a state lead to a temporarily heightened preference for disorder?
  3. How do people perceive representatives of the aforementioned belief systems and worldviews? For example, what are common attitudes and stereotypes about science and religion, and about scientists and believers?